Jelena Sokić

Born 1980. in Split, Croatia. Since 2005. is a student on Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she gets her degree in painting in 2013. In academic year 2010/11 participates in student exchange grant programme in Accademia di belle arti di Brera / Milan, Italy. As a media of expression she mostly uses painting, drawing and video. Currently lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.

Atelier Monika

Ivona Jurić

Monika Meglić

Stipan Tadić

Marta Tuta

Atelier Buksica (Mane Mei)

Buksica is a small space where big things are made.
Mane Mei is a street artist who also makes other kinds of art in atelier. He is proud of his styroprinting technique, a technique that he invented for printing stickers, shirts and art works.
He also makes jewelery and enjoys filming and video editing.


Dina Karadžić
Dina Karadžić (1986) — Born and resides in Zagreb, CRO.
Earned an MFA at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb in 2012. (Co)founded and is the art director of ‘Format C‘, an art org focused on new media art research and non-profit collaborative creation.
Active in the area of visual | digital | net art; worked in the fields of stop-mo animation, custom character design and freelance illustration. (Co)works as a lecturer, an artisan, a curator and an NGO project assistant.

Vedran Gligo
A self–taught DIY hacker / artist / cultural event organizer living and working in Zagreb, Croatia. Strongly applying open source principles in everyday life and practice and working to empower the local community by holding free and open digital workshops in Zagreb’s Autonomous Cultural Center through the hacklab01 project which he co-founded in 2009. Practicing in the fields of open source, promoting the adoption of GNU / Linux, glitch art, large scale online collaborative art, independent culture production, (h)ac(k)tivism (…).

Marija Ančić

Marija Ančić was born in Sarajevo, BiH in 1982. Currently living in Zagreb. She graduated at UMAS (Arts academy Split) with degrees in sculpture (2010.) and art restoration (2005.). In her work she uses a variety of media, from drawing to video. A principal theme in her work is anxiety, in all its forms and manifestations, and she deals with it with a darkly humorous twist.

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