Kongres Kolektiv and Zagrave join forces in the heart of Zagreb’s autumn for a twenty-hour session at three locations: AKC Attack, Soundfactory and Medika upstairs. 🟪

Two collectives that marked the night dynamics of this city in the recent period bring you variations of the techno sound on October 28, where they will present eleven acts consisting of Kongres and Zagrave residents and guest Vinvar from Berlin and Pulso from Argentina.

A’jitam Da’a and Bu_mf from THm.uRN, Cevi from Low End, newly minted project Dans Incomod of Bana and Kobali, Miro Von Berlin from Zagrave, NTND, Parabelt and Vid representing Metrosonics, Pulso of SRIE records, Secco from Thermal, Vazdaisti from Princip.ba, Pres from MVMNT series, Viduka from Mediummovement and Vinvar of Fluid Vision.

Ticket available via Resident Advisor HERE 

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