27th Faki Festiva Open Call:
Utopia – (Im)possible Worlds // Utopija – (ne)mogući svjetovi
ZAGREB, CROATIA, 27th of May to 2nd of June 2024
DEADLINE: AUGUST 20th, 23.59 (CET)

Utopia – (Im)possible Worlds

Can we imagine a society without violence, inequality, wars, atomic bombs, bourgeoisie, oil that dictates the price of life? Does a world without ecological disasters, exploitative jobs, corrupt politicians, raised barbed wires, racism, police repression,evictions of our squats, exist? Can we envision everyday life without gentrified neighbourhoods and touristification? Is it possible to create a community without the white man enslaving and colonising, without depression and anxiety, religions that incite hatred, murders of transgender individuals, churches and states intruding into our wombs, femicides, exploitation of animals for profit, poisoning the land with pesticides? Is life possible without gods and masters?

Is utopia achievable?
Is utopia still imaginable?
Should utopia remain unattainable to keep pushing us to continue
striving for a better possible world?

This year, we invite artists not to forget to dream about different and better worlds. Hoping that we haven’t grown too weary from critical questioning and contemplation of current social issues, we want to remind everyone that dreaming of utopian worlds is indeed a rebellion. Show your individual and collective visions of utopias that manage to speak about social, political, economic, and ecological problems, but also offer necessary solutions within artistic expression.

The FAKI Festival will pay all reasonable costs for the presentation of accepted works:

– Travel costs up to 200 € for individuals and up to 400 € for groups, with preference given to sustainable means of transport (bus, train, shared car)
– Subsistence – shared accommodation on-site at AKC Medika and healthy vegan lunches during the festival
– Basic technical support (light, sound, and other wonders)
– Photo and video documentation of the performances
– Public relations and media presence via the festival network
– Rehearsal space / residency (if needed)
– Dramaturgy support and/or feedback (if needed)

Artist and other guest fees / production costs unfortunately cannot be covered due to limited financial resources. The festival will work together with their guests to find funding from other sources (via letters of support or other means).


The deadline for submission is Wednesday, 20th of August 2023, 23.59 (CET).
Submissions made after this time will not be considered.
If you have any questions write to faki@attack.hr


*** FAKI is an anti-discrimination festival, which supports and implements radical social change through performing arts. ***

FAKI is a program of Autonomous Cultural Centre Attack

Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression – FAKI, was created in 1998 as a response to elitism, but also the commercialization of the institutional cultural environment whose political and artistic one-sidedness was a handicap to independent, avant-garde, subversive and experimental work of theater and performing artists. Avant-garde performance research, innovative conclusions and original procedures, the political and personal self-awareness of authors, and the humanity of ideas and messages – are the backbone of selection criteria that seeks to detect links between artistic practices for the artistic festival structure.

Imaš nadopunu, ispravak, bolje fotke, galeriju / video / dojam? Klikni ovdje i javi nam!
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