SUB – 13.1.2018

DUB DISORDER Zagreb Edition | Part 2

in session

ZENICAFARIA SOUND SYSTEM (Zenica, Bosna i Hercegovina)
first ever self built Dub sound system in the history of BiH
with full sound system and full crew

BELLY FULL (Zadar, Croatia)
with full power and full belly

SANDOKAN HIFI (Berlin, Germany / Zagreb, Croatia)
with full crew and full effect

13.01.2018 | 22h | 30kn

No homophobia
No sexism
No racism
nor any other discriminatory behavior.
We will kick you out with no discussion.

Line up:
Belly Full
Sandokan HiFi

Upad: 30kn
Pocetak: 22:00
Kraj: 06:00