A point between three art forms; DANCE, PUPPET, MUSIC.

In the search of unpredictable force of life.

GET OUT! is a performance based on a collaboration of three art forms – contemporary dance/puppetry/music – into new performing system where every part stands by itself but coexists at the same time in its own being.

Dancer is dancing with very small puppet and musicians is painting movement, creating atmosphere and dialogue. Music is a living form that creates sounds and rhythm on the spot and puppet brings its own visual dimension and breathes its own life into it.

We believe in a new way of dance – puppet dance – where objects are becoming alive and starts to dance. Music is co-dependent of the movement of dancer and puppet. It is trying to describe relations between them, to find a possible color and temperament of their interaction, to follow their movement and energy and to lead like an unpredictable force of life.

CONTEMPORARY DANCE – author Katja Vravnik

Katja believes that everyone can be their own body’s choreographer. Her main goal in puppet dance is to search for the movements of the dancer in relation of the puppet. Awareness of the body must become more precise, as the dancer and puppet are playing with the focus of the viewer. Both must take into account that they are exchanging the focus of the viewer throughout the performance.

PUPPET ANIMATION – author Tea Kovše

Puppet animation is art of movement in object and puppet. Words does not have their place here. In combination with contemporary dance and specific development of puppet technology we develop CONTANCT DANCE WITH PUPPET and Puppet Parkour. If we move, we live. It is really simple and we all can do it. Especially with puppet. Handstand becomes easy and we can jump even further. And in all – we can create our own rules of movement and gravity. There is no limit, is there?

MUSIC – author Mojca Kamnik

Music exists as the other cycles of life do, at first with our rhythm of walking and melodies of talking. How does our day sound? What kind of rhythm and timbre does it have? Is our soundscape made of points or layers? We do not use words in our performances, therefore music is a storyteller and narrator. Sounds are painting sonic expressions of parallel visual context.
Our inspiration is movement. We have to move and the movement moves us.
Let`s GET OUT!

Our question arises from small things. Are we still able to drink morning coffee in various ways or we want our coffee always with sugar?
Don`t search the meaning of life throughout routine – let`s get out – alone or together.


Puppet-dance performance does not contain coffee or other everyday things. We tried to avoid them and search for new way of living within movement, puppet and music.


Dramaturgy of puppet-dance performance is simply developed in order to give strong freedom for improvisation and searching new ways of coexistence of dance, puppetry and music.
Story has two levels:
1. To show how trapped we are.
2. To get out of our trap.
Our true goal of finding freedom are different ways of how we liberate ourselfs, not freedom in the end. The various ways, how the path of liberation can go. That`s why we focus on improvisation and researching our artistic fields.

Choreography based on improvised movements of a dancer was set up by our own technique of exercises. It involves the exploration of dancer’s body in relationship to puppet by using the fundamentals of both fields – contemporary dance and puppet movement. Throughout the process of making the performance, we learn how to decide which moves and sounds we will combine to get our perfect GET OUT!.
The outcome of performance is set up choreography for the dancer and puppet and set up of music parts combined with some improvisational parts of all the fields.

Sound concept is based on describing certain atmospheres, on giving lyrical hints and sound alarms with voice and to follow and lead throughout the process of liberation of oneself. The voice is leading musical thoughts and with vocal effect it combines duality and transition. Sound duality coincide with comfort and danger zone and different transitions and transformations of a voice shows transforming identity of dancer and puppet.

Concept: Tea Kovše, Katja Vravnik in Mojca Kamnik
Dramaturgy: Tea Kovše
Dance and choreography: Katja Vravnik
Puppet animation: Tea Kovše
Music: Mojca Kamnik
Costume design: Tatjana Dragičevič
Photography: Nika Holcl Praper
Video: Tadej Ošlovnik
Production: Gledališče DELA
Coproduction with Poppetpeople –

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