As we witness our world, founded on principles of money, has faced a recession and the economy in our city is under collapse, the discourse of culture and its engines (Ministry of Culture and the likes) is being silenced by the logic of a capital driven culture industry and bureaucratic processes of cultural institutions.

Autonomous Cultural Center Medika (AKC Medika) was founded on the principle of open doors, where anybody can develop an artistic discourse, be it cultural, educational, or of any other humanitarian nature, in the hope that our providing of space for such activities will be used accordingly.  We offer space without any unified context in order to continually develop diversity among programs and projects that are held in the space.  Therefore, if the outcome is entertaining, educational, inspirational, or informative we will have reached our goal. 

AKC Medika Iniciative

Due to countless amount of NGOs, independent artists, and collectives who are primarily faced with the lack of space and funding, it becomes questionable as to where to execute their practices. Since the high cost of running a cultural program is determined by the established venues it is highly unlikely that a non-profit organization that deals with the independent underground youth culture can meet these requirements. Therefore, without space and audience, the creativity of young, non-established artists is diminished to amateurism, causing isolation and numerous financial struggles.  All of these factors should not be contingent upon the existence of the independent cultural scene!  

If you are interested in overcoming some of these issues, and are willing to work and participate in furthering the development of AKC Medika, please feel invited to contact us at: info@pierottijeva11.org 

Imaš nadopunu, ispravak, bolje fotke, galeriju / video / dojam? Klikni ovdje i javi nam!
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