Yo broskys moroskys n chiquitas fajitas, DJ BJ way up in your mommy’s uterus here.

Weve got this phenawesomenaly gnarlical night planned for your tight squeezable bouncy buns.

So it’s yours truly DJ BJ (aka DJ BlowJob), Dj Rock Witch (aka DJ Cock Itch aka DJ Sock Stitch aka DJ Jock Bitch) and last but most definitely not least DJ motherfucking Micropeni.

Were making our first mo-fo set ever and it will feature megatons of testicle biting beeswax of icyness.

We’ll be bringing the almighty <GNAR> hard as a duck and we’ll be rocking:

:::rave, power noise, happy hardcore, EBM, and even some real ghetto-ass OG trap shit just to name a few:::

And were doing all this just coz we can and want to and coz our jinormous sized (allegedly) male reproductive plum-sacks can handle it.

Spank your fearie crotch!!!

What you gotta say about dem bananas Rock Witch?

„Fuck yeah pass me the armadillo-puking marsupials bro!!! GNAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!“

Niceroney and what about you Micropeni?

„Taste it, rub it on your cheeks, tickle it like a lil baby’s bellybutton.“

free entrance to all genders, races and even midget mongos


Facebook Event
Od 22h, Ulaz slobodan

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