Gallery Siva was founded in 2012 as an initiative of graffiti and street artists active as part of ACC. The gallery program is of a presentation, education and DIY production nature, directly connected to various styles of street art, design, comic art, illustration and other visual arts, with the base criterium of unconventionality and originality.
A part of the programme is open to exhibitions and residencies by authors creating in diverse media and refusing to exhibit in institutionalized spaces and/or are curious toward DIY street art and are in need of education, space, collaboration and means of production.
The complementary aspect of the gallery program is non-formal education offering insight into diversity, techniques, goals and styles of street art modalities.

Imaš nadopunu, ispravak, bolje fotke, galeriju / video / dojam? Klikni ovdje i javi nam!
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