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Radical love // Radikalna ljubav

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If we love, then let’s REALLY LOVE.


In a world that too often confuses love and violence, we need to ask ourselves: how can we live in a deeper, respectful relationship with each other and with our planet?

The 26th edition of FAKI Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression enacts the theme of RADICAL LOVE, touching a yearning we all have. Love is a vital pulse in our lives. And yet, the strength of our desire for it rarely leads us to radically change the way we love. No matter how committed we are to love, our efforts seem to resemble a wishful fantasy.

At the source of our difficulty to improve our perspective towards love lies a confusion about what we mean when we use the word “love”: Dictionaries define love first and foremost as an intense feeling of deep affection for another person, with romantic love taking precedence. However, the supremacy of romantic love suppresses its actual many facets. In the absence of a universally adequate description of love, the art of loving seems shrouded in a romantic mystery and becomes an intangible phenomenon.

The world is drowning daily in violent carnage that offers so little opportunity to truly understand love. In the media and in the news, at work and at home, in our intimate relationships, in religions and in politics, we see little evidence that love can transform our existence, inspire us to make choices and give us the courage to make the changes we need in the world we live in.

The word “radical” derives from the latin word rādīx meaning root.

RADICAL LOVE involves growing from our roots.

RADICAL LOVE implies nurture and metamorphosis.

RADICAL LOVE needs to actualize love, to realize love in words and deeds.

RADICAL LOVE must be an act of will – an intention and an action – aiming at both individual and collective.


With RADICAL LOVE we offer to artists, activists, researchers and theater critics, a platform for exploration:

To what extent does radical love constitute a particular form of resistance?
How is radical love represented in history, narratives and traditions?
How is radical love expressed in social, material and virtual worlds?
How can radical love be practiced in a creative process and on stage?
How can we practice love in the current socio-political climate?
How does radical love intertwine with all kinds of social justice movements – gender equality, racial justice, migration, health justice, climate change, economic justice, etc.?
How can radical love help to balance our own, the society’s and the planet’s needs?
How can radical love lead us to the dawn of a queer utopia where everyone can rediscover themselves beyond colonialism, patriarchy, capitalism, and compulsory cis-hetero-normativity?
How can radical love show ways to heal the trauma inflicted by oppressive systems?
How can radical love express solidarity with oppressed groups?
How can radical love reclaim one’s body and intimacy?
How can eroticism be a source of empowerment?
How does radical love manifest itself between generations?
How can radical love challenge the status quo and strengthen our understanding of community?
Are there limits to radical love?


Artists, activists, researchers and theater critics from all across Europe and beyond will gather in the former pharmaceutical factory Medika and other sites in Zagreb to engage audiences and each other through encounters, happenings, workshops, exhibitions, screenings, open-mic and performances.

This lucid, inventive and generous platform dares to embrace love as a social and political transformative force – articulating the need for art to become more inclusive and socially responsible, politically aware, and sensitive towards humans and non-humans. This common platform is a necessary organism, a giant ant-like nest talking, sharing, learning, growing…

FAKI Festival invites proposals for plays, physical theater, contemporary dance and circus, performances for children, site-specific performances, slam poetry, manifestos, lecture-performances, short films, installations, workshops, or any other forms of expression.

We are open to all genres, formats and durations and consider work in progress and finished creations as equal. Proposals for short (one-week) residencies for development are also welcome.

The festival invites artists who align their artistic statements with their political stances and formulate anti-oppressive messages within their narratives. Special attention is given to proposals made by or in collaboration with marginalized groups.

Activists, researchers, and theater critics are invited to present their sparkling visions through talks, writings and workshops. Conversations between and among the participants and the audience will be an essential part of the 26th edition of the FAKI Festival. We are looking for theater critics to help initiate discussions after the performances, give certain kinds of feedback, write reviews, and bring the festival into a wider discourse outside its own magical bubble.


The FAKI Festival will pay all reasonable costs for the presentation of accepted works:

– Travel costs up to 200 € for individuals and up to 400 € for groups, with preference given to sustainable means of transport (bus, train, shared car)
– Subsistence – shared accommodation on-site at Medika and healthy vegan lunches during the festival
– Basic technical support (light, sound, and other wonders)
– Photo and video documentation of the performances
– Public relations and media presence via the festival network
– Rehearsal space / residency (if needed)
– Dramaturgy support and/or feedback (if needed)

Artist and other guest fees / production costs unfortunately cannot be covered due to limited financial resources. The festival will work together with their guests to find funding from other sources (via letters of support or other means).

The deadline for submission is Wednesday, 28th of December 2022, 23.59 (CET).
Submissions made after this time will not be considered.

If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ
or write to faki@attack.hr (in English, Croatian, Polish or French).


*** FAKI is an anti-discrimination festival, which supports and implements radical social change through performing arts. ***

FAKI is a program of Autonomous Cultural Centre Attack.

Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression – FAKI, was created in 1998 as a response to elitism, but also the commercialization of the institutional cultural environment whose political and artistic one-sidedness was a handicap to independent, avant-garde, subversive and experimental work of theater and performing artists. Avant-garde performance research, innovative conclusions and original procedures, the political and personal self-awareness of authors, and the humanity of ideas and messages – are the backbone of selection criteria that seeks to detect links between artistic practices for the artistic festival structure.

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