experimentalni mađari pitali;

We are planning to make a an east european mini tour.
(Timisoara – Panchevo – Ljubjana – and Maybe Zagrab).

Line up:
Rovar17 (Hungary) www.myspace.com/rovar17
Jackie Triste (Hungary) www.myspace.com/jackietriste
PLE (Hungary) www.myspace.com/leditgrant
Nojzerr (Hungary) www.myspace.com/nojzerr

Our idea is that we could play at the MEDIKA on 21th of february.
The question is simple: are you interested in this event, can we organize it in that manner to have a really good one night event in your town? It can be done in the above mentioned dates?
Our needs are minimal ones: traveling costs (we are traveling with a car), accommodation for 4 people, and catering. So we play for free, we don’t need any payment for the concerts.
Usually we are playing 4 X 40 minutes, but we are flexible. We are open to play with local bands as well.
Let me know in time if you are interested in this event, and if the dates are good for you.

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