Subota 08.10.2011. @ Chakka’s Room
Dressla – (Leipzig/D) 
Ulaz se ne naplacuje…..


Dressla got hooked on bass in the UK, where he lived from 2004 to 2006. Inspired

by the vibrant Soundsystem culture he and some friends started building the 14k

heavy Sequoia Soundsystem in order to run independent raves and free parties

across northern England. As DeeJay in both meanings – the Jamaican as well as

the European – he hosted many dances and drew much of his inspiration from the

Yardies he toasted with.

Soon after he moved to Leipzig, he met Rootah and disrupt at a local dance.

Thrilled by the Digital Laptop Reggae they played, he grabbed the Mic to chat

over their riddims. This was the beginning of a partnership that took the team,

now known as the Jahtari Riddim Force, to many places across the UK and Europe.

Of those highly memorable sets some have luckily been captured on cassette and

can be heard and downloaded in the Tapes section HERE.

Coming from a Hip Hop background, Dressla is also active in many different genres

and cooperates with various Artists across Europe. As Instruktah D he has voiced

the rise of Dubstep in Germoney and hosted nights with the likes of DMZ, Pinch,

Kromestar, Vex’d, Jazzsteppa, Wadadda, Mungos Hifi, LD, Phokus and Mr. Boogie to

name just a few.

Dressla’s homebase is Freestyle, he learned his skills in countless live sessions

and only recently he started to properly use pen and paper, work on tracks in

detail and record them in the studio. That’s why after more than 10 years of

MCing, “Bomb Their Cirlces” (JTR NET 19) is his first


We are a small record label based in Leipzig / Germany and we produce a kind of music here which we call – for the lack of a better term – DIGITAL LAPTOP REGGAE (DLR).This means nothing else but that we produce first and above all REGGAE music (or DUB) in it’s classical sense, which in itself is nothing new, but since we’re having a background of mostly electronic music we’re doing this with the tools that are obvious to use for that purpose – computers and machines!

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