Come and celebrate my gosh darn nephew-fiddling birthday which is actually not on this date, but fuck a calendar, i don’t use that shit.

Along with me and my terrififying squadron of degenerate mutant nincompoops there are in fact alleged, almost certain and very slim chances that Matthew Broderick will be making a guest appearance.
(sorry but not much we can do really, he always shows up)

The evening will feature as follows:
—–> a live concert by THE SACRIFARCE RECORDS ALL-STAR BAND who will be performing a delightful melange of ever-various audio-visual stimuli along with… some other musical stuff
—–> a night long hip-hop oriented party hosted by DJ Creamy Goodness better known for his intergalactic alias Barnicle Nibbler Ass-TD

Shenanigans and tomfoolery will most definitely ensue!


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