/’fu:bar/ is a multimedia participatory glitch art event, focused on the theme of discovering and displaying errors and catalyzing reinterpretations in the very process of creating cross-disciplinary new media art. The festival programme is ran by AKC in partnership with the “Format C” Artist Organization, and composed by discursive units (artist talks and lectures), open (free) workshops, audio(-visual) artist performances, a glitch-bound (visual, audio-visual, sound art, web) arts exhibition, and a residential stay for new art productions, critique and reflexions on the festival topic.
The concept of /’fu:bar/ is one of an open and free event, accessible to local communities in the physical space, and to the transnational communities in the networked space, while including diverse local, regional and international authors and their collaborations.


Imaš nadopunu, ispravak, bolje fotke, galeriju / video / dojam? Klikni ovdje i javi nam!
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