23rd FAKI — Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression, dedicated to the topic of social, political, personal, situational and artistic control – is now accepting applications for its 2020 edition.

Every year FAKI turns to a festival topic which could direct us onto dissecting the deeply rooted, rotten, mutating, narrowminded, conservative socio-political problems. 23rd FAKI is focusing towards the topic of control – at the level of our society, inside our political boundaries, spanning our institutions, our collectives, building our paradigms, and finally gaining control over our methods of organizing diverse performanse ecosystems. In 2020 we want to offer our alternative performance art festival stage – to contemporary performance projects methodologically and emancipatory deviating from previously established standards or even fixed control over own results; e.g. artistic LARP practices, relational performance, guerilla theatre, instant composition, improvisational theatre, …

Applications for the 23rd FAKI are open to any and all artists – individuals and groups creating critical and reflexive performance, and especially non-conventional projects and concepts thematizing the problems imposed on by control, via a format of classical drama as well as post-dramatic, dance and artist performances.

The call is open to applications up to February 25th 2020, via an application form at:
The selected authors will be notified on the selection via email, before February 29th 2020.

Resources offered by FAKI:
– shared accommodation for residential artists working on a new production
– shared accommodation for festival performers
– travel expenses co-financing (up to 200€ for individuals and up to 500€ for groups)
– light designer and technician
– sound designer and technician
– test public / critique
– rehearsal and performances venues
– technical support
– promotion

Applications deadline (extended): February 25th 2020
Residency dates: 1st–31st of May 2020
Festival dates: 26th–31st of May 2020

Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression – FAKI is an international gathering of artist and theatrical groups that operate outside institutionalized commercial theatres and demonstrate a high artistic reach while encouraging young performers to create the most distinctive expressions. This very general conception practically means that FAKI is a festival of alternative theatre, street theatre, performance, off- and low-budget theatre. FAKI is a central place for an overview of innovative, critical and independent, international theatre and performance scene, maintained by traveling artists and groups whose research on original, experimental and research models of art expression generates universal existential spectacles and performances. By its yearly thematic open calls FAKI aims to fuse artistic practices with socially relevant topics to co-create a public dialogue.

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