The devastating earthquake that struck Zagreb on Mar 22nd 2020 – also hit the building complex of AKC Medika, and the HQ of Autonomous Cultural Center – Attack! (as well as other associations utilising the space). As is the case with a large number of buildings in the center of Zagreb, building rooftops have been structurally damaged or completely ruined and we have put certain areas of Medika temporarily out of use for safety purposes. As you might already know, AKC runs many community and cultural programs, but our work has often been interrupted by “force majeure”, mainly because the City of Zagreb does not consider the AKC Medika venue being of relevance. At this time we are also supporting social distancing, and have cancelled all of our public programs, to support collective efforts in stopping the COVID-19 crisis. However, the long-term future of hundreds of programs that take place in our complex is now certainly questionable – after the epidemic is over – we will have no place to organize any events if damage repairs fail to be done.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the whole situation. But in order to maintain our own continuity, we must commit to repairing the spaces devastated by the earthquake, and advocating the City to support us in fixing the venue.
We are aware of our current position. We cannot hope that, as an association and a cultural center, we are on the priority list for earthquake damage repairs, but we wish to emphasize that it is indeed very important for us to continue working in acceptable conditions.

This is an introduction to a new chapter in our work. The constant search for a cultural space has brought us to the former Medika medicine factory. By Do-It-Yourself principles we have developed a derelict building into a functional community center where we offer everything: exhibitions, artist residences, education, concerts, lectures, forums, movie nights, festivals, …

Therefore, be patient as we are. You will be informed of any future steps, as we inform the City. Medika is city-owned real estate after all.

And keep in mind, #medikaostaje / #medikastays #stayhome

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