22nd Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression

22nd Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression

AKC Medika, Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb
May 21st - 26th 2019

About Faki

Sociologically, inequality has been defined as an asymmetric distribution of money, power and reputation based on biological and social characteristics of individuals of a society.

Utilizing the popular syntagm on 1% percent of world’s rich - one does not need to be a mathematical genius to calculate the world population percentage affected by the phenomena of inequality. Regardless of sexes, affinities or preferences (almost) all of us are the victims of this plaque.

Accordingly, it is needless to cite numerous astounding statistics on the capitalist poorly distributed wealth, nor to attach a convenient pyramidal infographic in order to illustrate that our time of living is indeed a pharaonic measure of inequality.

On the other hand, some will say that - come to think of e.g. nationalism, homophobia and more general chauvinisms - inequality is not the most decisive societal trouble. Can we find for a common denominator for those troubles? Where do they arise from?

Inequality might be the origin point for the departure of the troubling phenomena. By potentiating inequality - diverse criminal ideologies, opressions and persecutions, wars and ethnic cleansings - have often spawned from.

This year we are reflecting onto that topic via the medium of FAKI festival - curious about how inequality is affecting performance art.

The topic was chosen as we realise the need of performance and theatrical art to dissect societal issues, and because we deem alternative theatre to be the vanguard in indicating adverse societal processes. We believe the discussion on inequality is not represented adequately and via this symbolic gesture - we wish to poke the neuralgic local and global points.

A Festival of alternative theatrical expression cannot resolve immediate world troubles, but it can indeed incite a discourse, open our eyes, inspire and encourage.


May 21st (Tuesday)
20:00 (DZIU) — Jirjirak (IR): “Braille” (45’)
21:00 (Film studio) – Dušan Murić (RS): “Doći će partizani opet” (45’)
(Film studio) Discussion

May 22nd (Wednesday)
20:00 (DZIU) – Marje Hirvonen, Anni Taskula (FI): “FEST” (50’)
21:00 (Film studio) – Katarina Ilijašević, Ana Gliksman, Nina Pantović, Jovana Grujić, Miloš Janjić, Nemanja Bošković (RS): “(UMRE)ŽENE” (15’)
(Film studio) Discussion

May 23rd (Thursday)
20:00 (DZIU) – Cloudwalkers Motion Theatre (HU): “BONDING” (30’)
21:00 (Film studio) – Katarina Ilijašević, Ana Gliksman, Nina Pantović, Jovana Grujić, Miloš Janjić, Nemanja Bošković (RS): “(UMRE)ŽENE” (15’)
(Film studio) Discussion

May 24th (Friday)
20:00 (Film studio) – Zoran Ilić (RS): “Smej se Pajaco” (50’)
21:00 (Siva) – Damian Droszcz (PL): “The Wall” (65’)
(Film studio) Discussion

May 25th (Saturday)
20:00 (DZIU) – Quizzikal Körper (CO/CL/US/DE): “Out of Balance” (45’)
21:00 (Film studio) – Zoran Ilić (RS): “Smej se Pajaco” (50’)
(Film studio) Discussion

May 26th (Sunday)
15:00 (AKC Medika) – Round Table


Round Table and Discussions

This year’s FAKI is opening up a stage for evening discussions thematically complementing performances, groups and the festival topic of “INEQUALITY”, artictically directed by Natko Jurdana (HR) and guest critics Monika Jašinskaitė (LT), Richard Pettifer (AU/DE).

Добродошли / Welcome / Sveiki atvykę / Tervetuloa / Üdvözöljük / Witamy / خوش آمدی / Bienvenida / Willkommen!

Monika Jašinskaitė – working as a theatre and dance critic since 2012 and is a member of Lithuanian Performing Arts Critics Association. She is interested in new theatre forms, emerging artists and contemporary human problems. She participated in dance and theatre productions as a dramaturg since 2013. For the moment she develops international relations for Juozas Miltinis’ drama theatre in Panevėžys. Richard Pettifer – a director, critic and scholar based in Berlin. He is part of the collective Atelierhaus Australiasche Botschaft OST, which is housed in the former Australian Embassy in East Berlin. He writes criticism on his critical writing platform Theaterstück, as well as for publications such as ArTerritory (LAT), Samizdat (ROM), Sirp (EST) and occasionally in academia. The last 4 years he was writing criticism for Faki Festival in Zagreb each May. Natko Jurdana – born in Zagreb in 1983; graduate in Sociology and Philosophy at the Croatian studies, and a graduate of Dramaturgy at ADU. Collaborates with AKC starting with 2017; leads scriptwriting workshop, works on projects adapting films, tv shows and theatrical plays to blind and visually impaired audiences. He authored scripts for shorts “Get a Move On” (2011), “Praznik demokracije” (2016), “Dogovor” (2019).

Film Studio - discussions every evening after the performances
Sun May 26th 15:00 - Round Table

“Smej se Pajaco” (50’) — Zoran Ilić (RS) - Film studio - 24.5. // 20:00h - 25.5. // 21:00

Smej se Pajaco Smej se Pajaco” is a post-drama project by the Belgrade-based artist Zoran Ilić. As said by the author himself: “Two characters discuss the phenomena of our time. Primarily, capitalism as the predominating societal system of the contemporary society. Its flaws are discussed via means of irony.”

Zoran Ilić – prosaist from Belgrade. His stories have been present in Serbian and ex-YU journals since 1989. He was editor of "Književne reči" and guest editor of "Album" (Sarajevo). For a time he was deputy chief and editor in charge of the online magazine “Balkanski književni glasnik”. He is currently editing "Prozaonline" - a literature-themed website dedicated to authors from the former Yugoslavia.
At the Zagreb-based FAKI International Theater Festival in 2006, he performed a street performance using motifs from one of his stories.
He is also an active participant in many websites devoted to literature. He was awarded the "Priznanje Krleža" in 2009, and "Donat" for Literary Contribution, in 2016.

Film studio:
24.5. // 20:00h
25.5. // 21:00

“FEST” (50’) — Marje Hirvonen, Anni Taskula (FI) - DZIU - 22.5. // 20:00h

FESTAnni Taskula and Marje Hirvonen interpret Finnishness through extreme, rough and tangible physicality. ,,Fest” is searching for an unaffected and raw movement language that compresses the Finnish mentality better than thousand words. On the other hand, interesting is the use of silence, nature sounds and karaoke, one the favourite hobbies of the Finnish folk. The performance plays around the fine line of a performance and an event.
When the world is on the edge of collapsing, it is time to have a FEST.

Anni Taskula – a freelance dancer and a culture producer currently based in Linz, Austria. Graduated in Culture Management (Helsinki, 2012) and Stage Dance and Pedagogy (Linz, 2015) her artistic work includes production and management as well as performance and choreography. Currently she is performing with the Linz based dance collective The Crew Dance Productions and tourmanaging choreographer Jarkko Mandelin and Kinetic Orchestra, as well as teaching dance and Gyrokinesis workshops. Taskula has been developing and co-organizing art events and festivals such as Body/Sound/Space and EAST POINT WEST as well as tourmanaging BODHI PROJECT dance company.
Marje Hirvonen – born in Finland and living in Köln since autumn 2008. She studied contemporary dance in Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln and graduated successfully in 2012. Since the graduation she has been working as a choreographer, dancer, performer and co-choreographer in versatile projects with artists of various disciplines (dance, installation, design, music, physical theatre, video) in the area of NRW and abroad. Besides choreographing Marje is an actor and a singer, and works as a member of an urban dance group Fantastic 5.

22.5. // 20:00h

“BONDING” (30’) — Cloudwalkers Motion Theatre (HU) - DZIU 23.5. // 20:00h

BondingCloudwalkers is a unique motion theatre that conveys essential feelings through the power of movements. The actors are disabled people, the choreographies are based on the actors own experiences, and are created by not only the drama pedagogues but the disabled actors, too. Therefore, the plays are very powerful. The performance consists of short etudes performed with motions and gestures. They transmit universal feelings such as love, friendship, separation, segregation, loneliness, pain, anger, fury. These short, clearly separated etudes reform our relationship toward the disabled people and show mirror to ourselves where our reflections are revealed.

The Cloudwalkers Drama Group of the Foundation for the Disabled – was founded in 2003 aiming to broadcast basic human feelings through gestures and body language, in order to promote social acceptance of the disabled people. The members are mentally challenged adults. Disabled people also have the desire to find a way and to be open to the world of healthy people. They long to express their thoughts and emotions, and present their values. Stage is a source of happiness to them, and also motivation that makes their everyday life meaningful. The Cloudwalkers performances make prejudice and commiseration turn into acceptance and appreciation.

23.5. // 20:00h

“The Wall” (65’) — Damian Droszcz (PL) - Siva - 24.5. // 21:00h

The WallThis story is about man who was sitting in prison last 8 years. He leaves prison and sees changes. People are different. The society has changed. The country stood on his head. He loves theatre, that's why he changed himself. Through the theatre he has tried to make better World. One day he comes to a lady to paint over the wall. From this moment he will be like Little prince, responsible for this what he tames.
This performance speaks of nationalism, Refugees, polish habits, history, education and love, and a lot of many important things.

Damian Droszcz – Actor (ZASP, Warsaw 2011), graduate of the Alternative Theater Academy and the Pedagogical Faculty of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, and a cultural animator. Collaborated with various theaters, and works as a teacher of the subject "Culture of a living word". Directs performances (musical, children's plays, children's theaters), and runs an amateur theater group of disabled people, addicts and volunteers since 2009. Participated in many festivals and workshops in Poland and abroad. Conducts theater workshops for children, teenagers, seniors, disabled people and addicts at home and abroad. He is actively involved in social matters with hope (though smaller and smaller) that through the theater you can run human behaviors and attitudes to make them more humane. Play, discuss, meet and wake up society from lethargy.
photo by - Adam Antoniuk

24.5. // 21:00h

“Braille” (45’) — Jirjirak (IR) - DZIU - 21.5. // 20:00h

BrailleA young married woman rides a taxi at night to go home, but she is kidnapped by three men who rape her. How does the community encounter her and who does the community blame for the rape?
The performance identifies the pain and the loneliness of the raped woman; a victim indicted and convicted to death.^br> It is the tradition in some of places of the world.

Jirjirak – a young theater group that works about 10 years. This group is founded by Darya Nazari and Mehdi Sheikhvand. The team includes actors, directors, technical members, etc.
The group is based on creativity. Jirjirak directed about 12 theater plays in 10 years. The group teaches in Iranian educational institutions for children and adults. Some of their children students like Arman Moradi are acting in professional theaters and cinema and the group had held workshops in international theater festivals in countries like Russia, Macedonia, Sri Lanka, ...

21.5. // 20:00h

"Out of Balance" (45’) — Quizzikal Körper (CO/CL/US/DE) - DZIU - 25.5. // 20:00h

Out of Balance“Out of Balance” je izvedba instant kompozicije (tj. improvizacija). Uzevši temu FAKI festivala - “NEJEDNAKOST” - kao kreativnu polazišnu točku, kolektiv plesnog teatra “Quizzical Körper” plesni performans će kreirati tijekom same izvedbe. Izvođačice će u izvedbenom trenutku sastaviti komad koji će u fuziji plesa i teatralnih situacija - naznačiti različite nejednakosti međuljudskih odnosa.
Kako doživljavamo Nejednakost u intimnoj sferi? Kako ju proživljavamo na kolektivnoj i društvenoj razini? Poslušat ćemo odgovore koje ćemo pronaći mimo racionalne analize - u svojim tijelima i dušama.

Quizzical Körper – plesni kolektiv čije je djelovanje utemeljeno u instant kompoziciji te zajedničkoj strasti za pripovijedanjem te njegovoj snazi za društveno relevantne teme. Iskustva (u antropologiji, teatru, vizualnim umjetnostima i raznim plesnim izričajima), kao i razne nacionalnosti i kontrastirajuće osobnosti članica kolektiva međusobno se nadopunjuju; djelovanje skupine je iznimno interdisciplinarno i eksperimentalno. U kontinuiranoj su potrazi za točkama susreta neočekivanog. Quizzical Körper je plesno-izvedbeni kolektiv u usponu koji aktivno izvodi od 2017., a baziran je u Freiburgu, Njemačkoj.

25.5. // 20:00h

“(UMRE)ŽENE” (15’) — Katarina Ilijašević, Ana Gliksman, Nina Pantović, Jovana Grujić, Miloš Janjić, Nemanja Bošković (RS) - Film studio - 22.5. // 21:00h, 23.5. // 21:00h

(UMRE)ŽENEHow do we feel while having our opinions and behaviour imposed upon us in an age of stereotypes, while learning how to embrace the manipulations and eventually becoming unaware of our limitations and the inequality among the sexes? “(Umre)žene” are a manifestation of the dissatisfaction and an internal response to these questions. Today’s system, social networks and men wish to form women upon their own world views. How to find an exit from the fog and find yourself?

All the women in the group have successfully graduated contemporary dance at “Lujo Davico” Belgrade ballet school, and have been working collaboratively since. The rest of the group has been assembled via the “Puzzle” Belgrade project, organized by "Stanica za savremeni ples" (a Serbian contemporary dance and performing arts artists’ and cultural workers initiative). The members of the group continuously participate in various choreographies and contemporary dance performances.

Choreography: Katarina Ilijašević
Performers: Nina Pantović, Ana Gliksman, Jovana Grujić, Miloš Janjić i Nemanja Bošković

Film studio:
22.5. // 21:00h
23.5. // 21:00h

“Doći će partizani opet” (45’) — Dušan Murić (RS) - Filmski studio - 21.5. // 21:00h

Doći će partizani opetBasically, this is a threat - directed to those who make life unbearable and the ones whose passivity is maintaining this system. During the work process, the initial attitude is built upon and partially upgraded by suggestions for a future resistance, and the ideas of a different co-existence.
Five performers are immersed in physically demanding, unpleasant sequences; creating a nauseating atmosphere of frustration, exploitation, disorientation, rut, and consumption, finally exploding into a playful energetic protest. The “off” text is kindly threatening the system and its supporters, calling in the new partisans (green ones?).

Dušan Murić – born in Ćuprija in 1971. Working in performing practices since 1997. A Fellow at the DanceWeb (ImpulsTanz, Vienna) in 2002. Performed in dance performances by Bojana Mladenović, Isidora Stanišić, Mimart, Ister Teatar and Forum za novi ples. Worked on the scene movement and performed in plays by Petar Pejaković, Anja Suša, Ivana Koraksić, and others. Periodically participates in projects and events organized by the “Cirkusfera” organization for the promotion of New Circus. Dušan is a co-author, initiator and founder of various international, interdisciplinary improvisational and dance performance projects, programs and plays.

Filmski studio:
21.5. // 21:00h



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