Underground ima smisao, ima talent da prenese poruku na druge plesače, pa tako i teži kvaliteti, a ne kvantiteti.

Stoga vam donosimo INVENToR koji želi predstaviti techno novog vala.


MIIA. has started her career as a DJ and producer in 2015 with clear goals from the beginning.
She has been practicing and building her technique of mixing through time, which has resulted with 4 channel mixing.
This kind of mixing allows her to have great dynamic and a totally new creation.

But every artist needs to move forward, so MIIA. has decided to start her own organization and techno program INVENToR,
This program is based on dynamic techno full of percussions, deep basses and synths..

The idea about INVENToR is followed by her first EP which will be released on DREIZEHN SCHALLPLATTEN this November.

Creation and innovation are necessary parts of artist life, so there is always more to come.

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