Faki 18 na hrvatskom!

The 18th edition of the Festival of alternative theatrical expression – FAKI – is held in Zagreb from May 26 to May 30, 2015, in the various adapted spaces of the former medical factory Medika, Pierottijeva 11. As a festival of alternative theater, street theater, performance, off- and low-budget theater, FAKI affirms the idea of theater as a collective, inclusive art, reviving the community and finding its true function only in conjuction with it, when the entire environment is involved and integrated as a potential audience with the common progressive and creative denominator.

That is why we have chosen the DIY collectives for this year’s festival theme. The low-budget collectives attach their productions to the independent youth and cultural centers, occupied spaces and squats. FAKI explores the potential of interfering with community to the maximum level of mutual possibilities by using the maximum number of artistic strategies, initiatives, art forms, working methods and presentation systems. Objective lies in finding means of collaborative practices for the sustained growth of a unique, highly profiled and efficient discourse between art and community, based on the ever-increasing level of inclusiveness – in all aspects of social, political, cultural and private interactions.

We are in the constant quest for the effective alternative strategy for balancing group dynamics in a community that is being regarded as a live and changeable mechanism, which requires new tools and operation modes every season. Like theater, community is here also regarded in terms of liminal and crisis situation, or in other words – we approach the community issues from a radical perspective, because we find that we will only then surrender to it.

Extreme, borderline perspective on community as a crisis focus aims to objectify practical and purposeful role of art towards community by repeatedly radicalizing, emphasizing and then denuding the real and indicative needs of community and everything we know or think the role of art in the community should be. Key artistic procedure here lies in generating art material from community issues in order to make an exchange of private and public knowledge on human psychology through exploration of gestures and customs on one hand, and personal histories on other hand, trying to abstract main emotional concerns and derived behaviors that ultimately perform one’s identity.

We hereby invite performance artists and collectives to apply for a participation at FAKI 18, devoted to DIY collectives, regardless of the genre, form and character of their vision, but with a special interest in site-specific projects.

FAKI will cover travel costs, accommodation and food for artists residing outside Zagreb. Our performance halls are equipped with basic technical tools (light, sound, projection screens and projectors, technicians, stage manager).

The invitation is open until April 20th, 2015.

Please fill out the application form below and send it to


Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression is organized by the Autonomous Cultural Center Attack. The festival is financially supported by Croatian Ministry of Culture, City of Zagreb – City Office for Education, Culture and Sport, Foundation Kultura Nova and National Foundation for Civil Society Development.